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Underground Gasstorage (UGS) Epe

Flexibility, availability and reliability are the key words for energy suppliers. Therefore, Eneco Gasspeicher GmbH, has decided to build an underground gas storage facility in Gronau-Epe, Germany. To store the natural gas, two salt caverns which were formed by leeching, are used. These caverns are hired from SGW (Salzgewinnungsgesellschaft Westfalen). The assignment of the Lumpsum Turnkey EPC project was given to the ARGE EGS PPS/V&SH GbR, a Joint Venture with the participation of Visser & Smit Hanab of the Netherlands. 
The caverns of Eneco Gasspeicher are located in the Gronau-Epe area, in Germany just across the Dutch border. A number of Dutch and German companies are active in gas storage in salt caverns. Due to the properties of the salt layer in this region, this area is very suitable for gas storage. The facility is built in a sensitive nature area.


The maximum injection capacity of the plant will be 200,000 m3/hr, with a withdrawal capacity of 400,000 m3/hr. The two caverns can, jointly, contain a gas volume of about 150 million m3, off which 100 million m3 can be used as a working gas volume. The caverns are approximately 1 to 1,5 km underground.

Turnkey EPC

The project consists of two compressors, along with the associated pipelines, process piping, mechanical equipment, civil works, process piping, electrical & instrumentation works, automation installation etc.


Within this project the Joint Venture is responsible for the project management, engineering, procurement of material and equipment and the construction of the Injection Production Station, the Cavern Completion of the 2 Caverns the connecting piping to the caverns and the Dutch Grid and the commissioning and start-up of the facilities.

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