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Revamp turbine-room HVC

Visser & Smit Hanab BV was awarded the contract for the complete revamp of a turbine-room after it was destroyed by a fire. The works were scheduled around the delivery and installation of a new turbine-generator set and the civil-reconstruction of the builing.

The works were prepared by a local team that assessed the materials lost, re-formulated the specifications to bring together a sound engineering of existing- and new plant systems. Subsequently the same team executed the site-works in two separate mobilisation period, leaving a window for the installation of the new Turbine-Generator Set.  

Our activities consist of:

  • Site-inspection, Works preparation and QC-engineering
  • Specification and Purchase of Piping and -Supporting
  • Re-instating existing Plant
  • Installation of new Pipng systems
  • Installation of new Cooling Tosers

Our added value:

  • Assessment of lost piping systems,
  • Integrated Construction Planning, anticipating the works of various suppliers,
  • Zero-accident site installation,
  • Timely delivery of the Works