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Offshore assembly for Meerwind project successfully completed

On 9 September, V&SH successfully completed the last assembly work for the wind turbines in the Meerwind project. Commissioned by sister company VSMC, this project involved connecting 80 offshore wind turbines to the 33 kV inter-array network and testing them.
The V&SH assembly team managed to pull off this challenging job in just 133 days. And that was no mean feat either, because the client changed the design of the hang-off at the last moment. V&SH responded quickly to these modifications: capacity was increased to two ships and a second team was mobilised to take care of the high-voltage and fibre optic connections. Once production had been scaled up, the teams continued working at a rapid pace. Flexible scheduling also ensured that the team was able to respond to the client's request to double the installation capacity of the wind turbines. As this work is to be done right after the cable assembly, that schedule was very tight.
This marks the end of the work for V&SH and VSMC for the time being. An HV substation will be installed this winter, after which V&SH and VSMC can actually test the cables and their connections in the spring of 2014.
The Meerwind offshore wind farm is located in the German part of the North Sea, approximately 23 kilometres north of Heligoland. The farm will have a capacity of 288 MW and should be operational in 2015.

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