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Link between Vopak terminals on the Botlek

Visser & Smit Hanab have been commissioned by Vopak to lay an underground pipeline bundle between Vopak Terminal Botlek (Welplaatweg) and Vopak Terminal TTR (Torontostraat). The bundle of 7 pipelines will be installed using a 920-metre borehole created by means of horizontal directional drilling.



The borehole traverses the Botlek Central Channel, Welplaatweg with the adjacent railway line and a Vopak tank pit at a depth of 50 metres.

The pipeline bundle has recently been welded, tested, coated and compiled into a compact bundle at the prefab site on Professor Gerbrandyweg. In late November, the bundle will be transported in its entirety from Professor Gerbrandyweg to the exit point, the location at the terminal where the pipeline bundle will be pulled into the borehole already drilled. This involves transporting it over a distance of 1500 metres. The highest point of the insertion arc will be 13 metres above ground level!

After the installation of this pipeline, Visser & Smit Hanab will also install above-ground pipelines at both terminals.