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GeoMEC-4P will be carrying out a new geothermal project near the town of Brielle. A geothermal well is being drilled to extract hot water of about 85 degrees Celsius from the subsoil to heat nearby greenhouses. This will provide local growers with a sustainable energy source at a stable price.
The company performing the project, GeoMEC-4P Realisatie & Exploitatie B.V., is a partnership between Hydreco-GeoMEC B.V. (a subsidiary of Brabant Water) and T4P Project B.V. (a Visser & Smit Hanab company). For its part, Visser & Smit Hanab will be designing and executing the site layout, designing and building the heat exchanger station, building the 'bycatch' system, and designing and constructing the distribution network.

Site layout

The site for the geothermal borehole is currently agricultural land. Visser & Smit Hanab will be responsible for designing and executing the site layout, which will include constructing various paved surfaces, access roads and foundations.

Heat exchanger station

The heat exchanger station forms the heart of the entire geothermal plant. The building contains pumps connected to the geothermal wells, pumps for the heat distribution network, and the high temperature storage system used in the master design. In addition, the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems will be installed in this building. These CHPs will be fed by the gas transported by the hot geothermal water. Besides heat, the CHPs will generate electricity, which will be used to power the pumps. And any electricity surpluses will even be supplied back to the network. V&SH is handling the complete design and installation of the heat exchanger station.

Heat distribution network

The design and construction of heat distribution networks is a core business for V&SH. The pipeline network for this project includes about six kilometres in pipes plus the delivery stations at the growers. It is a 'double' pipe network with piping for both hot (supply) and cold (return) water.


Visser & Smit Hanab is also building the so-called bycatch systems. Besides 'heat', the geothermal water flow is expected to contain natural gas and petroleum. These need to be separated out to prevent stoppages in the system. The natural gas will be used for the CHPs. Any oil will be separated out and disposed of.


Want to know more? Visit the GeoMEC-4P website.