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DNWW: Spectacular intercept with GST radar

In March 2013, Visser & Smit Hanab | Drilling Technologies realised a spectacular drilling project in the densely populated city centre of Rotterdam. The project challenges included over 1,500 metres of drilling, an angular displacement of 60 degrees and a depth of 60 m below sea level.


Our engineers designed an innovative solution. To realise this, the 100-tonne drilling rig was set up on Wilhelmina Pier in the centre of Rotterdam, while the 450-tonne rig was set up on Brielselaan. Both drilling rigs drilled towards each other in an angular displacement of 60 degrees. At a distance of 1,000 meters from the 100-tonne drill, the 450- tonne drill rig intercepted the other bore head by using GST radar. By meeting in the middle, the pilot bore of 1,500 m was achieved.


After the reamers prepared the borehole for the DN 400 pipeline, this steel-in-steel pipe was easily withdrawn.



This drilling is part of the De Nieuwe Warmteweg project which concerns the design, construction and maintenance of a unique heating network in the Rotterdam region. Along a 26 km long route, residual heat generated by industry in the Rotterdam port is reused in local district heating networks.



For more information see www.vshanabdrilling.com



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