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Conversion of Cargill extraction plant

Visser & Smit Hanab was hired by Cargill, an international producer and supplier of products and services for the food, agricultural and other industries, to help it design and mechanically engineer the conversion of one of its extraction plants, where it produces multiple products.


The construction team, which included staff from both Cargill and Visser & Smit Hanab, was responsible for creating the final design, along with planning and execution of the conversion project. Safety was naturally an integral part of the entire process.

Besides handling all of the detail engineering, project activities included dismantling and in situ demolition of the existing installation. The construction team was also in charge of the prefab piping, assembly of a 100-tonne steel structure, equipment setting, and replacing the roof and wall cladding.


The conversion of the extraction plant was a logistically complicated project, due in part to the minimal laydown area and short preparation time.

In the end, the project met all of the requirements and was completed on schedule to the client's satisfaction.

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