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Construction of gas pipeline from French border to Maldegem

On behalf of Fluxys NV, the Belgian and French gas grids are being connected. To this end, a gas pipeline with a diameter of DN 900 (36") is being constructed in Belgium between Alveringem (near the French border) and the terminal in Maldegem, spanning a distance of nearly 74 kilometres.


Vissser & Smit Hanab is part of the consortium constructing LOT 2 of this project, which spans a distance of nearly 40 kilometres from Hooglede to Maldegem. We are responsible for constructing, welding and coating the section from the Hooglede station to the Lichterveld station (about 15 kilometres). We are also performing the auger drillings in this part of the route and are responsible for all shield tunnelling across the entire route (LOT 2).

The terminal in Maldegem is also being built by Visser & Smit Hanab (NV).

The project started in February 2015 and the pipeline is to be commissioned in late October 2015. Completion of the construction work by Visser & Smit Hanab is scheduled for the construction industry holiday (July), after which the pipeline is to be tested in three phases. Completion of the mechanical and rural engineering works is planned for late October.

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