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Eneco commissions Visser & Smit Hanab for North Pipeline


Visser & Smit Hanab has won the Eneco contract to construct 10 km of the district heating network (segments 1 & 2) for its North Pipeline! Heat pipes are being laid along the northern boundary of the New Waterway to supply Rotterdam.

NIEUWS.Ondertekening Leiding over Noord

The total distance of the new heat pipeline will be 16.8 km. Construction of the new pipeline has been divided into 4 segments. It runs from the Afval Verwerking Rijnmond (AVR) waste disposal company in Rozenburg through Vlaardingen and Schiedam along the A20 motorway, toward Rotterdam, to the Oud-Mathenesse neighbourhood. The route then heads toward the Merwehaven port area. It is there that the pipeline finally enters the EfG power station site on Galileistraat, where it will be connected to the existing Rotterdam district heating network.


The route has been divided into four segments, with Visser & Smit Hanab taking on construction of the first two. The work will consist of installing twin 0700/900 Steel PUR-PE pipes, each of which will be almost 10 km in length, from the AVR to Kethelplein junction. There are nine pipe jacking sections (microtunneling), ranging from 47 to 111 metres in length, and three HDDs ranging from 404 to 955 metres (0700/900 SiS) in length, the longest of which runs under the New Waterway.


The project launch is scheduled for August 2013, and the district heating pipeline will be put into operation in October 2014. The heat transported through this pipeline will be enough to heat 95,000 households.
More info: http://projecten.eneco.nl/Leiding-over-Noord