Our staff

And, who better to ask than the experts with experience? What do our own people think about working at Visser & Smit Hanab? We will let our colleagues speak for themselves.

Working at Visser & Smit Hanab

The unusual projects, the world-class training, the career opportunities. The congenial atmosphere and cutting-edge technologies. The answers run the gamut. What appeals to our employees about working at Visser & Smit Hanab? How does their day pan out? What kinds of jobs does the company have to offer?

Johnny Karsan, Pipe Welder

He still thinks it's the best profession there is, even after 35 years. Johnny Karsan, pipe welder at Visser & Smit Hanab for Industrial Power Projects (IPP), says, ‘My job is varied,...

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Linda Molendijk, Work Planner

As a gardener's daughter, she was used to tromping through the mud in boots. Linda Molendijk joined Transport & Drilling Solutions (TDS) as a trainee and immediately felt right at home....

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Thijs Starink, Works Foreman

He started "with a shovel in his hand". In 1999, Thijs Starink came to Visser & Smit Hanab as an apprentice via SPG. After graduating from technical secondary school in Civil...

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Richard Koenders, Technical Trainee

He nearly had his plane ticket before he had his contract. Richard Koenders was looking for a challenge, one in which he could combine sales and engineering. A traineeship at Visser & Smit...

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