Every pipeline route has its crossings. Although HDD is generally the solution for circumventing existing infrastructure, a sinker can be indispensable for some crossings. Visser & Smit Hanab has ‘hundreds of miles of experience' with sinkers.
zinker zuid Beveland


Sinkers are as popular as ever. The technique is primarily used in cases where drilling is either impossible or very difficult. But they can also be helpful for crossing pipelines when installing district heating, where it is important to allow for the potential future expansion of the network. Sinkers are also used to recess submarine pipelines in coastal waters, such as for the ‘landfall' of international gas pipelines.

Project execution

Sinkers come in a variety of ‘flavours'. The type used depends on the pipe, the setting and the client's needs. This also applies to the technique to be used to excavate the trench and sink the pipe. Planning study, detailed design, construction, management and maintenance: you can entrust your sinker projects to our experts without worry.

More information

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