Outfalls & Landfalls

Outfalls and landfalls are not for novices. They must be performed under challenging conditions and often involve setting up a network of temporary facilities, all of which requires expertise and professional skills. Visser & Smit Hanab is an international expert in shoreline and river crossings.

Submarine pipelines

Landfall of submarine pipelines and conduits for gases, liquids or communications cables. Outfall from cooling water and wastewater or offshore drilling operations. Outfalls and landfalls comprise a multiplicity of activities, with environmental factors playing a key role. Soil conditions, infrastructure and technical specifications are the criteria that dictate the drilling method and project approach to be adopted.

The right method

Outfalls and landfalls require sturdy equipment. Visser & Smit Hanab has specialised floating equipment such as pontoon winches and can tailor its drilling equipment and materials to the on-site conditions and subsurface. Whether dealing with sturdy rock, swampy marshes or wailing sea winds, our profound knowledge of geology, soil mechanics, engineering and project execution means we can always find the best drilling method.

More information

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