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Environmental management

A good project is never solely the result of your own knowledge and experience; it is the product of collaboration with commissioning parties, partners and local parties. Neighbouring residents, stakeholders, environmental agencies....the involvement of local parties largely determines the success of a project. The key concept here is environmental management.


Heavy boring rigs and cranes, excavations, lorry traffic, detouring or closure of roads... building projects generally cause inconvenience to the people living in the vicinity. Communication with the ‘outside world' is therefore essential, especially for projects in public spaces. Together with the client, we draw up a communication plan that includes not only such familiar means of communication as letters to local residents and information meetings, but increasingly more often ‘new' media like the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. What work will be done where and when? Which roads are to be closed? What inconvenience can be expected and what measures will be taken to reduce it? We can inform those affected directly. And communication works both ways in that we are kept informed about complaints or aspects requiring improvement.

Environmental management

Communication with the competent authorities on permits or additional requirements, generating support for the project through communication with local parties, obtaining all necessary permits in a timely manner, including the establishment of a real right where necessary, conducting route studies and coordinating with other cable and pipeline owners, carrying out risk analyses.... These are only a few of the possibilities on the ‘menu' of our environmental management services. Every project is different and so every environment requires a unique approach. At Visser & Smit Hanab we are fully aware of all that this entails, thanks to our experience with projects in which environmental management played a significant role, such as OCAP, WarmCO2 and De Nieuwe Warmteweg.

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