Our Design and Engineering department is one of the cornerstones of our company and is responsible for everything from cables and pipes to mechanical installations. This department has all the tools and skills required to turn an idea into a plan and a plan into a project.

Experienced engineering

Our Design and Engineering department has experience that dates back to 1900. The department comprises around forty engineers and technical experts who work with the most advanced ICT tools and design software available. Our designs do not only meet the client's needs, but also the applicable European, international and national standards and regulations of the country in which the installation is to be used - ASME, API, NEN, DIN, EN, BS, DnV, etc.

Cables & Pipelines

High, medium and low-voltage cables, transport pipes several miles long, including gas pipes, distribution networks, tunnels and conduits, heating and cooling pipes... From simple to complex,...

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Environmental management

A good project is never solely the result of your own knowledge and experience; it is the product of collaboration with commissioning parties, partners and local parties. Neighbouring residents,...

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Mechanical engineering

Newly constructed water treatment, oil, gas, chemical or petrochemical installations and (residual) energy or energy conversion-related projects, expansions of existing installations, connections...

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