Visser & Smit Hanab reaching for rung 3 on the Safety Ladder

The so-called Safety Ladder is a scale developed by ProRail to indicate what level of safety (i.e. which rung on the ladder) a company has reached. This tool can be used to gauge how safety conscious a company is. How aware are people of unsafe situations in their workplace? Does the company culture allow people to feel comfortable talking to one another about risky behaviour? The Safety Ladder is a way of reducing the number of unsafe situations, accidents and hazards.

Since 1 January 2013, ProRail has been including a company's Safety Ladder score for rail and/or maintenance contractors in its contract awarding process. And from 1 July this will also apply to cable contractors and drilling firms. Visser & Smit Hanab is one of the companies preparing to reach rung 3 on the Safety Ladder.

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